Ergonomics of Underground Coal Mining Equipment



Proceedings of Seminars held June 22 (Pokolbin) & July 13 (Mackay)

as part of ACARP project C18012                                                              


Burgess-Limerick & Associates -


Reducing Injury Risks Associated with Underground Equipment ~ Robin Burgess-Limerick PhD CPE, Burgess-Limerick & Associates (rbl.pdf)

Integrating Ergonomics in Equipment Design ~ Justin O’Sullivan CPE, Ergowork (n/a)

Assessing and Controlling Whole Body Vibration Risks ~ Gary Foster - Foster OHS (foster.pdf)

Ensuring “Safe Design” through Procurement ~ Ben Smith, Xstrata (smith.pdf)

A NSW Regulators’s view - Paul Drain and Chris Gearing, Investment & Industry NSW (drain.pdf)

A QLD Regulator’s View ~ Trudy Tilbury CPE, Senior Principal Ergonomist, DEEDI (tilbury.pdf)

EMESRT Underground Coal Committee aims and activities ~ Paul Gill, Tim Hobson (EMESRT.pdf)

Manufacturers Viewpoints & Updates

Joy Manufacturing ~ Matthew Langbridge, Product Manager - Continuous Miners (langbridge.pdf)

Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia ~ Jeremy U'Brien, Engineering Manager, FLP Load & Haul (sandvik.pdf)

Industrea Mining Equipment ~ Ross Stutchbury, Engineering Manager (IME.pdf)