Manual Tasks Risk Management Master Class


This seminar will bring together professionals who are committed to using participative ergonomics as a process to reduce manual tasks injury risks. The aim is to create an ongoing community of practice which will facilitate the development of a shared repertoire of resources and processes for embedding effective participative ergonomics programs within organisations.

The presenters, Prof Robin Burgess-Limerick and Dr Gary Dennis have been researching manual tasks injury risks for twenty years. Robin led the interdisciplinary team which developed the PErforM program, and the ManTRA risk assessment tool, in 2000. Gary has been assisting workplaces successfully implement participative ergonomics programs since 2003. Gary and Robin are the creators of the ErgoAnalyst system.

The venue will be the beautiful Rosewood room at Hillstone, overlooking the golf links. The program emphasises interactive activities and includes ample breaks for informal discussions and a delicious lunch and refreshments.

Cost: $360 (GST-Inc) 

Participant numbers are limited to 35 to ensure optimal interaction.

On-line registration open

Questions? Email

Assumed knowledge: Burgess-Limerick, R. (2012) Biomechanical Hazards.  In HaSPA (Health and Safety Professionals Alliance), The Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals. Tullamarine, VIC. Safety Institute of Australia.


------- Welcome coffee -------

  1. BulletParticipative ergonomics principles and evidence base

  2. BulletAnalysing and evaluating manual tasks risk as part of a participative ergonomics process

----- Morning tea ------

  1. BulletEliminating and controlling manual tasks risks through participative ergonomics

  2. BulletInteractive demonstration of a participative ergonomics control development workshop

----- Buffet lunch -------

  1. BulletImplementing a sustainable participative ergonomics program

  2. BulletSharing experiences and lessons learned (Bring examples of your successes or difficult cases for discussion)

----- Afternoon tea ------

  1. BulletSpecial topics eg., vibration, sedentary work. (Let us know anything else you’d like to discuss)

  2. BulletHow can we facilitate learning through a community of practice?

----- Join us afterwards on the verandah for a drink ----

Date: Friday March 27, 2015.

Time: 8.30 for coffee, master class 9-4, followed by informal discussions over a drink

Venue: Hillstone, St Lucia Golf Links, Carawa Street, St Lucia, Brisbane