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Robin Burgess-Limerick PhD

CPE Ergonomist


Tracey Burgess-Limerick PhD

Registered Psychologist




Burgess-Limerick & Associates

Ergonomics and Research Consultants

Completed Projects

Human Systems Integration Cost-Benefit review for Department of Defence (in conjunction with UQ CMVH)


Updating “Reducing injury risks associated with underground coal mining equipment” ACARP project C18012 (Revised handbook available)

ACARP C16013 Reducing control errors (more) final report available (C16013final.pdf)

Manual tasks injury prevention at Vulcan Materials (more)

Reliability and Validity of JobFit Functional Assessments (more)

Reducing Injuries associated with underground coal mining equipment (more)

Implementation of an Ergonomics Program Intervention to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries Caused by Manual Tasks (more)

Reducing musculoskeletal injury risk in open cut coal mining (more)


Recent Publications

IIEA 2015 Conference Poster.pdf on participative ergonomics program implementation at Rio Tinto.

Guest edited issue of The Open Ergonomics Journal - “Human Factors and Ergonomics in the Minerals Industry”

New Book - Human Factors for the Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Mining Equipment - 20% off with this author discount brouchure.


A handout from slides for a presentation of the same title - presented at Sandvik underground mining forum, Perth Feb 10, 2011.

Managing Manual tasks injury risks through participative ergonomics - handout from JobFit Conference

Ergonomics of underground coal mining equipment seminars 2010 proceedings

Model “Procedure for Managing Injury Risks Associated with Manual Tasks” released under creative commons license (manualtasksprocedure.pdf)